The “2 irmãos” Restaurant was founded in 1925 and its one of the oldest restaurants in Portugal.

In the first decades of his life was a tavern where the wine was stored in several casks that made this area a meeting point in the center of Faro where dealers discuss the price of traditional goods like carob and almond. In that Typical Stock Exchange the customers and consequently the fame came from the clams made over a stove oil, accompanied by traditional horse mackerel “alimados” and other regional food.

Over the years this house flavors and tastes become a gastronomic reference in Faro evolving naturally to the space that is currently conceptualized.

In 1965, the restaurant deserves the honors featured in two pages of the book "Algarve, the portrait of a guide" of David Wright and Patrick Swift. This South African poet and the Irish painter did this of his travels as a guide and a chronicle of travel pictures in a fabulous living environment at a time when tourism as an industry was not yet part of the economic life of Portugal. The passion for this land made that Patrick Swift lived in the Algarve from 1962 until his death in 1983.

Since 1974, the couple Brasuna continues to grow this house thanks to his efforts and to the culinary knowledge of D. Isilda. The Restaurant became a museum in the culinary tradition of this seaside area. The hospitality of Mr. Jose Maria allied to the skill and dedication in the kitchen of D.Isilda contributed to make this house a source of pride for the city of Faro and its inhabitants. With the collaboration since 1995 as manager from the Brasuna’s son, Henrique Brasuna, the restaurant earned a more current management method according to the most modern and demanding processes of today.

In 2007 was attributed by the city of Faro, the Hall of Merit - Gold Grade – to the “2 irmãos” Restaurant in the appreciation of gastronomy as a cultural heritage, the flag of this century-old house.

In 2010, the restaurant has taken another step towards innovation, never forgetting the traditional values, presenting their services and added value to new and old customers in digital format.