Church of Our Lady of Carmo or Church of Carmo:

It was founded in 1713 by Bishop António Pereira da Silva. The Priest and architect Frei Manuel da Conceicao was responsible for the first project in a Carmelite style. In mid-century the building underwent a major renovation that was in charge of the master mason Diogo Tavares.
The carved decorative art was the most used in this church and worked in its execution the best sculptors of the region especially the well-known Manuel Martins.



Faro Marina:

Located downtown, is the ideal place for a stroll, especially at night when the play of light makes this place magical. In front of the marina, one of the most iconic places of the city: the square of Francisco Gomes with a beautiful garden and an obelisk.
The marina is located between two hotels of four stars. Furthermore, the marina is close to all city exlibris. A place to visit!




The Sé Cathedral of Faro is one of the most beautiful places to visit around the Algarve and even across the country. It was built in 1251 over the original mosque.
In 1577 was named the seat of the Algarve Diocese. Inside the cathedral you can observe the organ and the carving sets. At the top of the tower we can have a view across the city flair. Wonderful!