Restaurant dois Irmãos

Since 1925 serving the best flavors of the Algarve

The best flavors of the Algarve

The true taste comes from tradition.

Restaurant dois Irmãos

“2 Irmãos” Restaurant is located in Faro, Algarve,and it is a place where you can taste the local cuisine with an ancient knowledge of traditional gastronomy.

In the city center, in downtown, it offers the more traditional recipes served with the most modern and demanding methods.

Since its founding in 1925, this museum of the Algarve gastronomy has always been a reference in this town for its delicious food and excellent wine.

The fish, the seafood’s and the succulent meats, all of them cooked with skill and passion by the chef Antonio Dias are the delight of food lovers from all over the globe who visit the capital of the Algarve.

The Brasuna’s family, which owns the restaurant, makes sure your visit is a good time to remember. Visit us and discover with us the mystic of the ancient and the modern Portuguese dish’s.

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The “2 irmãos” Restaurant was founded in 1925 and its one of the oldest restaurants in Portugal.

In the first decades of his life was a tavern where the wine was stored in several casks that made this area a meeting point in the center of Faro where dealers discuss the price of traditional goods like carob and almond. In that Typical Stock Exchange the customers and consequently the fame came from the clams made over a stove oil, accompanied by traditional horse mackerel “alimados” and other regional food.

Over the years this house flavors and tastes become a gastronomic reference in Faro evolving naturally to the space that is currently conceptualized.

In 1965, the restaurant deserves the honors featured in two pages of the book “Algarve, the portrait of a guide” of David Wright and Patrick Swift. This South African poet and the Irish painter did this of his travels as a guide and a chronicle of travel pictures in a fabulous living environment at a time when tourism as an industry was not yet part of the economic life of Portugal. The passion for this land made that Patrick Swift lived in the Algarve from 1962 until his death in 1983.

Since 1974, the couple Brasuna continues to grow this house thanks to his efforts and to the culinary knowledge of D. Isilda. The Restaurant became a museum in the culinary tradition of this seaside area. The hospitality of Mr. Jose Maria allied to the skill and dedication in the kitchen of D.Isilda contributed to make this house a source of pride for the city of Faro and its inhabitants. With the collaboration since 1995 as manager from the Brasuna’s son, Henrique Brasuna, the restaurant earned a more current management method according to the most modern and demanding processes of today.

In 2007 was attributed by the city of Faro, the Hall of Merit – Gold Grade – to the “2 irmãos” Restaurant in the appreciation of gastronomy as a cultural heritage, the flag of this century-old house.

In 2010, the restaurant has taken another step towards innovation, never forgetting the traditional values, presenting their services and added value to new and old customers in digital format.


A melhor opção

Como bem, sou bem atendida e pago em conta. Recomendo a todos…


Bons momentos é no dois Irmãos

Em Faro vou sempre aos Dois Irmãos. Tudo me agrada. Sou bem recebida e como muito bem. É o meu local de eleição para jantar.

Teresa Sousa

Great wine and fine people

Simply the best restaurant in faro. Good food, great wine and fine people. See you soon…

James Ross

The best restaurant in Faro

The best restaurant in Faro , I eat the best meat . Waiters very nice, bravo.


Meilleur restaurant Faro

Sincèrement meilleur restaurant de Faro poisson toujours frais ,les employés d une sympathies sans faute . Merci beaucoup pour les magnifique moments passer chez vous



Realmente a qualidade é tão boa, quanto os anos que a casa tem, quase 100. Pode ser 100%. Felicito-vos para continuarem com a qualidade que têm dado estes anos todos a quem gosta de boa comida


Le meilleur

Merci pour votre accueil ce soir. J’ai beaucoup aimé chanter dans votre restaurant. Bien amicalement

David Semerian

Bom Ambiente

Realmente o restaurante destaca-se em Faro. Pelos seu tradicionais sabores sempre muito bem cozinhados servidos com eficiência num ambiente único em Faro.

Mário Costa Pereira


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The premises of the Restaurant “2 Irmãos” are typically Portuguese. The ancient woods and its old tiles remind us of a Portugal in all its purity. This house breathes history through various ancient artifacts, like the Portuguese tile panels and the gastronomy that seems exactly the same as in the beginning of the century.

A large living room and an indoor terrace full of plants offer the best environment to enjoy the various fish dishes, seafood or meat. Visit this house is the best way to know the recent history of the city of Faro in the Algarve. When you visit Faro, the most beautiful and desirable city in the Algarve, you cannot miss this gastronomic and historic portfolio of Portugal that this restaurant represents.

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It was founded in 1713 by Bishop António Pereira da Silva. The Priest and architect Frei Manuel da Conceicao was responsible for the first project in a Carmelite style. In mid-century the building underwent a major renovation that was in charge of the master mason Diogo Tavares.
The carved decorative art was the most used in this church and worked in its execution the best sculptors of the region especially the well-known Manuel Martins.


Located downtown, is the ideal place for a stroll, especially at night when the play of light makes this place magical. In front of the marina, one of the most iconic places of the city: the square of Francisco Gomes with a beautiful garden and an obelisk.
The marina is located between two hotels of four stars. Furthermore, the marina is close to all city exlibris. A place to visit!


The Sé Cathedral of Faro is one of the most beautiful places to visit around the Algarve and even across the country. It was built in 1251 over the original mosque.
In 1577 was named the seat of the Algarve Diocese. Inside the cathedral you can observe the organ and the carving sets. At the top of the tower we can have a view across the city flair. Wonderful!


Praça Ferreira de Almeida, 15 | 8000-156 Faro
Tel: 289 823 337   Tlm: 916 198 154

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